Synergy 270 – 750 Newtons of power


Synergy 270  (Chain/Belt) Garage Door Opener.

750 Newtons of power

The Synergy 270 is a feature-rich garage door operator system, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free performance.
LED lighting and reduced stand-by consumption make the Synergy 270 the most efficient residential garage door opener available, while the direct current (DC) Smart Motor , coupled with a chain or belt drive system, ensures an amazingly
Ultra quiet operation.

Photo Eye Safety System


 Non-impact, advanced Infrared Safety Sensors reversing system. Complies with all UL 325 requirements and safety regulations.

Safety and Convenience

Meets and exceeds all UL 325 requirements

Easy Operating System

External devices Removable Screw Terminals Block located on the rear of the operator for an easier and quicker installation

Infrared photo eye protection system.

Safety reversal (sensing technology) system, door stops from closing upon contacting a person or object.

Warning System (light flashes) during an obstructed condition

Manual emergency release in case of power failure
On-Command Door Activation (OCDA™), programmable “open” intermediate position to vent the garage

Maximum Run Timer – Protects against damage to door and operator, door stops and reverses

Close travel position pressure sensitivity adjustment PSATM, protects against damage to door and operation system

Self-diagnostic numeric code memory up to 16 diagnostic code stored.

Maintenance and Service Scheduling:

Optimizes operator service life and trouble-free performance

Energy Efficient Operation:

Stand-by reduced power usuage

Energy Conservation Feature:

Adjustable light timer from 30 seconds to a maximum of 4 minutes 30 seconds

Self Learn Force System:

Monitors and controls motor force every cycle (Smart Motor) to optimize operation force requirements, due to temperature fluctuations, door movement and floor height changes.

Soft Start/Soft Stop:

Electronically Controlled – Prevents premature door and operator wear and provides quieter operation

Self-Diagnostic System:

LCD display error code indicator for a more efficient (quicker) installation and system troubleshooting.
System reset function clears system memory and restores default system settings


Limited Lifetime Warranty on Motor, Gear Assembly and Rail System. 4 – year
Limited Parts Warranty


Two styles of digital remote control transmitters in three different configurations: 2-channel MINI,

Modular Multi-Function Wall Station
one solid panel.

Wireless Keyless Entry System (WKES) (optional)

Convenient, 4-digit PIN. Controls up to 3 different garage doors. Code security. Weather resistant. Provides temporary access to authorized visitors or service personnel.





(Chain/Belt) Garage Door Opener.

550 Newtons of power